Jay is the name of the two protagonists in the film, one is living, the other dead. The living Jay is producing a documentary of the dead Jay, a gay teacher who was brutally killed. As Jay recreates and examines the life of his subject, his own life is affected when he unravels his subject’s hidden life and secret love. | Jay is the name of the two protagonists in the film. Jay Santiago is a gay TV producer documenting the family of a gay hate crime victim who happens to be his namesake, Jay Mercado. In the process of producing for his TV program, Jay Santiago intrudes into the private grief of the other Jay’s family and he is drawn to the secret life and love of his subject. Warning: Do not believe everything you see as truth.
Director: Francis Xavier Pasion (as Francis X. Pasion)
Writer: Francis Xavier Pasion (story & screenplay) (as Francis X. Pasion)
Stars: Baron Geisler, Coco Martin, Flor Salanga |

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