The story is about Paolo (Ryan Santillan) a photographer who was rejected by the producers to have his script be a movie, since it was too heavy and not likely to be a blockbuster. That same day, he sees Rhea (Mariel Rodriguez) with another guy at a mall and was planning to break up with him because she does not see too much of him. That’s too much for a day. So he sits alone in a restaurant on the night that he was to propose her marriage. The ring? He gave it at the mall. His friends take him to a bar to entertain him and was about to sing for him when he walks out and decides to end his life by driving his car recklessly. He did not die.
Director: Richard Arellano
Writers: Luigi Santiago (story), Adolfo Alix Jr. (screenplay)
Stars: Herbert Bautista, Ryan Agoncillo, Precious Lara Quigaman

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